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Up to $5 million emergency medical travel coverage for hospital services and more!

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Daily plan

  • for one trip
  • coverage lasts the length of the trip
  • trip can be up to nine months
  • for personal vacation and business
  • available for single and family

Annual plan

  • for unlimited trips
  • coverage lasts one year
  • up to 30 days per trip
  • for personal vacation
  • available for single and family

Why should I buy Alberta Blue Cross travel coverage?

Without travel coverage, you could end up with large medical bills not covered by provincial health care.

Alberta Blue Cross pays thousands of travel claims each year on behalf of our customers, we often pay emergency medical expenses exceeding $100,000.

Here’s an example of a recently-paid claim

Christopher was traveling in Thailand for 12 days. He was riding a scooter and lost control. He fractured his right leg in two places, and was hospitalized for four days in Krabi. As he was not healing properly, he was transferred to a larger hospital in Bangkok, where he underwent surgery. Christopher stayed in the Bangkok hospital for nine days – his current claim costs are $37,708. See more examples ...

We provide up to $5 million emergency medical travel coverage for:

  • Hospital services
  • Health care professionals
  • Prescription services
  • Medical appliances
  • Emergency dental
  • Meals and accommodations
  • Transportation benefits
  • Travel assistance
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